We have invested the BNBHunter and other GameFi projects

The Block Research have  been  particularly  keen to gain exposure to GameFi as it has become the driving force behind the Crypto or you can call it digital economy!

Block Research

11/23/2021 1 min read

The BNBHunter has gotten investments from The Block Research today(11/23), the amount of equity Investment exceeds $300K.

With time, we’ll know the answers from this investment. The LPs who meet this month have the luxury of time to think the best solution in the gamefi field about how to make the P2E come true around the world with the beautiful modes. The US Partners of us will hold the voice meeting on December 14-15, Will PvE be a drag on demand in traditional area that requires more money? Or a further boost to prosperous that requires tighter money?

All that said, we’ll spend the second half of this space looking at the projects' latest results that show generally solid growth and a global expansion moving ahead in steady fashion. But first we’ll start with what looks like the projects' attempt to seize some of the momentum created by Facebook’s recent name change, which the U.S. giant said better reflects its vision of a future “metaverse” where users can interact between many kinds of apps and platforms in the cyber realm.

For example, the BNBHunter currently does most of its business by offering NFTs collection game similar to Axie, as well as online games in blockchain. But it teased a new upcoming product in its latest earnings announcement, saying it was “working on a cutting-edge MMORPG game, which will feature the first-ever gamefi metaverse on BSC.” It elaborated a bit more on its TS call before this investment, and they promise to build the wonderful and immersive product for players.

BNBHunter is an NFT&play-to-earn game with various game modes and patterns, players can collect NFTs to win BNB rewards or stake their NFTs to get mining awards in the first chapter.

For The Block Research, what is clear, however, is that we are meant to think of this amorphous metaverse as a place of infinite wonder and possibility. It is envisaged by techno-utopians as an interconnected web of virtual worlds in which our “digital twins” can wander about buying virtual art, attending virtual gigs and having virtual relationships. So that’s why we did this cooperation with so many projects on BSC or Solana. It's worthy of being hunter together in the Metaverse!

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